Parquet for wood flooring

              We offer you the right solution for your wood flooring and the perfect one for under floor heating. Our parquet is a multi-layer structure that combines a 4-6mm thick strip of high quality oak wood mounted on 10-15mm thick plywood. Dimensions can vary from 10 - 23cm wide and 60 - 200cm in lenght.  The installing system is a tongue and groove one.You can send in your design and dimensions so we can make it the way you want it.  If you don't know what you want or what best suits your floor, we can help with some suggestions.

We work mainly with oak, but for some special designs we can use different availeble wood types.

Parquet Gallery Here

Got something else in mind? 

Send us your design with all the dimensions and wood fiber direction and we'll give you an estimate price and delivery time. We'll clarify all details and then we'll get on with the production. 

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